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MyPass 365 is Event Accreditation Management

MyPass 365 is planning in action


MyPass 365 facilitates pre-access vetting, allowing you to manage event access for all attendees, including media, vendors, service providers, hospitality and VIPs


MyPass 365 saves time by automating and streamlining processes


Service Provider vetting with MyPass365 enhances event access and security


Event Management Software

MyPass 365 Team

Events are fast-paced, high-energy, organised chaos. And that’s just the part that people see.  Behind that lies a complex process of orchestrated control: who can go where, when and why. This is critical for safe, secure, successful events, big or small. It involves identifying and recognising individuals’ roles, controlling access, and keeping track of event staff, service providers and guests. 

That is accreditation management. That is MyPass 365.

MyPass 365 is a tech-led, people-centric, scalable event management solution. With us, we can orchestrate the chaos of big or small events by offering a comprehensive solution that optimises all areas of event accreditation management: from supporting security operators with access control to pre-vetting and categorising attendees, service providers and everything in between.

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About Us Event Management

Our Mission

Equip event organizers to revolutionize events with ingenious, adaptable and forward-thinking event solutions, transforming each event uniquely and dynamically.


Easy-to-use Interface

MyPass 365 boasts an intuitive design that ensures effortless navigation for users of all levels. 

Great Support

Our dedicated team at MyPass 365 is here to assist you every step of the way.

Fully Customizable

MyPass 365 offers a fully customisable system, allowing you to easily tailor the platform to your event needs.