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About Us


We see ourselves as an extension of your needs and operations, and that is where our expertise lies – in the synergy of people and tech – our people managing complex data and on-site event relationships with our bespoke solution to ensure everything happens as it should when it should. We have developed one of the most intelligent and trusted accreditation systems on the market, and our services are used to manage world-class in-person events, regardless of size.

MyPass 365 isn’t just a plan or a product. It is planning in action. We cater to every aspect of Event Accreditation Management, including media accreditation, access control, fast-track event accreditation, vehicle access passes, assisting boot-on-the-group security with access vetting and validation, and service provider  management for events held in any industry, including sporting, live events and hospitality.

With our team and MyPass 365, we make your event a success 


MyPass 365 is a natively developed (SaaS), intelligent and trusted accreditation system ensuring seamless accreditation processes for large-scale and smaller boutique events. No matter the industry – from sporting to hospitality.

Operational Efficiency

Our team specialises in improving operational efficiencies for venue security operators and event management teams.


MyPass 365 brings extensive experience in managing well-known sporting and live events.

Trust and Reliability

Our accreditation systems are among the most trusted in the industry, providing reliable solutions for event organisers and stakeholders.


MyPass 365 demonstrates adaptability and versatility in meeting the unique requirements of each event.

Customer Satisfaction

MyPass 365 prioritises customer satisfaction, consistently delivering exceptional services that exceed expectations.