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MyPass 365 Ecosystem


Pre-event Consultation
Access Control Categorisation
Tech-led Event Security Improvement
Badges & Passes
Unique Wristband Solutions
Mobile Access Control
Ticketing & Barcode Integration

MyPass 365 is the product of 12 years of extensive high-profile event management experience. It gives event organisers complete control, autonomy, and peace of mind when it comes to event accreditation.  The MyPass 365 Ecosystem explains how it all works together.

By design, MyPass 365 consists of 3 platforms built around giving you control to manage all accreditation aspects of your event:

MyPass Admin (SaaS): The Accreditation Management platform at a glance 

  • Allows for Event Setup and setting parameters for:
    • Event Dates
    • Different Location Zoning Requirements
    • Defining Roles and Category Groups (for access control)
    • Staff limit per Zone is set per attendee based on type and designation.
  • Organisations deemed Service Providers contracted to work at the event are pre-loaded onto the Service Provider Portal and invited via email to apply for work permits via the Member Portal.
  • Management of registrations and applications by authorised service providers received from the Service Provider Portal
  • Management of other access/accreditation requests received on MyPass Mobi relating to User Access Zones and Permissions, Dates of attendance, Role and Category

MyPass SPP (Service Provider Portal)

The service provider portal manages organisations contracted to work at an event you are organising. Through this platform (or via email and then used to access this platform), SPs (service providers) receive a unique ID reference, which must be used to apply for work permits prior to delivering a service at the event.

All vehicle information must be captured on the portal, together with relevant details of staff required to work at the event.

Application approvals are processed daily, and permits are approved 24 hours before service delivery. SPs are even able to coordinate load-in and load-out times with event operators.

MyPass Mobi

The MyPass Mobi App is an all-in-one tool for event attendees. From requests to attend events to accessing passes once approved and scanning for entry, this tool manages and automates entry permissions and e-passes in a single digital space for one or multiple events, from COVID test and vaccine info to zone accessibility.

We hope our MyPass 365 Ecosystem gives you a better understanding of our system, but if not, you are welcome to ask us any further questions.