LiveSpot X Festival

There are events and there’s the event. In 2019, as a creative collective, the founders thought to themselves, how do we create an experience that’s true to us, fun and gets everyone talking for all the right reasons.Highlighting all the different xtraordinary qualities and traits of the African nation, they created Livespot X Festival, a festival for xtraordinary people who want to have an xtraordinary time. To ensure the event lived up to the xpectations they had set for themselves, they did everything from curating a list of xtraordinary local and international artistes, headlined by Cardi B, marketing across Nigeria and Ghana, festival and stage design, technical production and the whole works. The result was the biggest festival to ever be run simultaneously in Nigeria and Ghana over two days with incredible production. We inserted our team in the heart of it all in Lagos, Nigeria helping to ensure that the event was successful which in the end it was.

MyPass 365 did Full Accreditation Management for LiveSpot X Festival in 2022.


ID/A6 Accreditation