SuperSport Season

Being the main broadcaster for most of our events especially with SA Rugby and World Rugby events, we decided that it would be more cost effective to create season accreditation for the Supersport teams that attend our events. By season accreditation we mean, accreditation that last for the whole season which is usually a year long. We created Supersport its own profile on our system where they could add or remove staff as and when they please. Once they have added their details and photos for each profile they then confirm and approve profiles, afterwhich we can then process, print and ship them to Supersport head office, where they then distribute them to the relevant staff. All personnel then have one accreditation card to use for the whole of the season or year, which can then be used at every event throughout the year as long as they let us know who will be attending which event then we can activate that person’s specific card for those particular events.

MyPass 365 has done Season Access and Pass Production for SuperSport Season each year in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2023 and 2024.


ID/A6 Accreditation