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We’ve got it all locked down, from load-in to load-out. 

Our services go beyond typical event accreditation requirements and apply to a multitude of industries. What sets MyPass365 apart is the comprehensive pre-event planning and attention to detail that makes the event and load-out a triumph of operational efficiency. From inception and planning execution to event wrap-up and event load-out, our 365 service offering includes:

MyPass 365 Services
MyPass 365 Security
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Pre-event Consultation and Access Control Categorisation

Many different people will attend your event. And planning the event can be daunting without the necessary experience or staff. At your first meeting with MyPass 365, long before printing access badges and devices, we will begin by mapping out and defining attendance categories and access zones in preparation of the accreditation plan (the event access blueprintMyPass365 gives you ultimate control over event participants. Think media, vendors, service providers, hospitality, attendees and VIPs – our grid-based planning process with on-site access validation means no one gets in unless they’re on the list.

Tech-led Event Security Improvement

Enhancing operational efficiencies and processing accreditations for a vast number of workers and guests at notable events sets MyPass365 apart. By creating access and zone-specific protocols, in conjunction with our MAC modules, your security or hosts/operational staff can easily control who gets in and who stays out.

Badges & Passes

We cater for and offer unlimited unique badge types and designs, with capabilities to facilitate both on-site printing batch and supported by electronic delivery options.

Unique Wristband Solution

Unique and exclusively designed for the system and not available from anywhere else in the world! Completely customisable. Easy-to-see event identity, zone information and barcoded or number sequence. Designed for major events that require remote scanning of accredited staff, the Mobile Access Control solution connects directly with the MyPass system and integrated parts. It allows for real-time scanning, approval, and rejections on the spot.


The Vehicle Access Permit module lets you manage which vehicles suppliers or applicants can bring onto site. Suppliers register vehicles for passes; you approve, assign zones and access times.

Mobile Access Control

(MAC) Mobile Access Solution is a handheld module allowing real-time badge and wristband scanning to check for pass validity, access level permissions, date and time restrictions, and cross-check photos, names, and pass types. Used by on-the-ground security providers or event hosts to manage and vet attendees according to attendance categories, our MyPass 365 works with other teams to improve event security.

Ticketing & Barcode Integration

MyPass365 facilitates seamless entry with barcoded badges and integrates with major ticketing platforms for comprehensive access control.

Customisable Application Platform

Streamline and customise attendance registration for service providers and media with a customisable 4-step process.

Badges and Wristbands

Create and print custom badges on demand, both in advance and on-site, with our flexible batch and individual printing options.

Mobile Access Control Scanning Solution

Our MAC scanning module enables instant verification of passes, ensuring secure and streamlined access control in real-time.

Event Management

Expertly manage any size event with our complete services, compliant with the Sports and Recreation Act of 2010.

Ticketing and Barcode Integration

Seamlessly integrate ticketing with our secure barcode system, compatible with all entry points and major ticket providers.


Efficiently control vehicle access and timing with our VAP module, streamlining on-site vehicle management and zone assignments.



Exclusively designed by us for MyPass365 (available nowhere else in the world) is:

  • Completely customisable.
  • Displays clear event details, including zone information and barcoded or number sequence.
  • Designed for major events that require remote scanning of accredited staff.
  • Remotely connected to MAC system, allowing real-time scanning, approval, and rejections on the spot.
Event Wristbands